Compliance Matters Consulting is not in the business of providing “pre-packaged” or “fill in the blanks” Injury and Illness Prevention Programs (IIPP)


Our programs are “custom produced” to meet the needs of each employer and their businesses specific needs and exposures.  The programs we produce are each developed with communication between the business owners or the Safety Coordinator.  The end result is actually a “Site Specific” program that represents the company’s best interest in safety.  The IIPP elements include:





Training and Instruction

Hazard Assessment

Hazard Correction

Accident/Exposure Investigation



Each program is developed with the names, phone numbers, addresses, and all other necessary information about the business actually produced within the program.  In addition, the programs can be edited at no extra charge, and update for up to one year at no extra cost!


These IIPP programs are designed to meet the requirement of both California and Federal OSHA and have been seen, reviewed, and scrutinized by numerous OSHA Inspectors from both Enforcement and Consultation.  The results have been extremely favorable.


The simple fact is that Cal/OSHA and Federal OSHA expect that your program will be “Your Program” and not someone else’s!  These days, the inspector are getting smarter and looking closer at everything.  The days of the “pre-package” and “fill in the blanks” program are coming to an end.


Our IIPP has been streamlined to reduce the size and content which gives the company a far more manageable program.  This is very important because up to 85% of companies fail inspections due to not having implemented their program.   This is usually because the program is 100’s of pages of garbage that they don’t really need and in many cases doesn’t apply.


We are here to help make sure it all makes sense!


Give CMC a try and feel the difference a personally prepared document can have

on your business and the safety of your employees.